Why Mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques have been used for over two thousand years to help people face life stresses with calmness, clarity and self-compassion. In the past half-century, Western physicians and psychologists have been incorporating mindfulness techniques into treatment for heart disease, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, asthma, cancer, and a host of other disorders. It is being used in workplaces to increase productivity and decrease sick days and health care costs. Mindfulness is used in evidence-based psychotherapies such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Proven Benefits

Mindfulness has many benefits. Responding better to stressful situations and improving your decision making are just a few highlights. We have listed some of the most useful and proven benefits.

- Higher levels of life satisfaction
- Lower frequency of negative automatic thoughts
- Improved memory and learning ability
- Increased ability to cope in demanding situations
- Improvements in cognitive decline in older adults
- Decreased health care costs from mindfulness meditation course
- Significant decreases in pain intensity after mindfulness meditation.